Engineering and Planning

Infinite Wireless Services is experienced in wireline, wireless and cable networks. We Engineer, Furnish and Install equipment for more than 20 different clients. With our Engineering Planning and Document  approach we incorporate:

• Industry Equipment

• Network Equipment Manufacturer

• Carrier Standards

   • Network Assessment

• Design Engineering

• Project & Program Management

• Systems Upgrades

    • System Optimization

•  Asset Evaluation

Material Selection & Procurement

For several years we have been helping customers reduce their inventory. We are able to reduce procurement of items and their associated costs with the following services:

• Supplier Relations Management

• Supplier Qualifications & Services

• Procurement of Major & Minor Materials

• Material Expediting

• Inventory Management

• Staging & Warehousing

• Payment Processing to Multiple Vendors

Development & Installation

As leading experts in DC power, our team is able to provide a complete package of services and solutions for both primary and secondary power services. We approach our installation solutions in a  pragmatic and integrated way for primary, and secondary  DC Power.

• Site Surveys

• Detailed Engineering

•  Method of Procedures

•  Material Furnishing

• Installation

• Start-Up & Commissioning

• Acceptance Testing


Project Management

We Offer a Comprehensive Spectrum of Project and Program Management. Our process includes:

• Discovery  • Analysis  • A Detail Scope of Work

This process includes:

• Project Schedules & Critical Path

• Material Procurement

• Risk Identification

• Project Budgets & Costs

• Communications

• Vendor Management


Critical System Maintenance

Preventative and Scheduled maintenance on critical power equipment are essential  to maintaining operational integrity to any network. Critical Equipment Maintenance can reduce service disruptions, expenditures for emergency services, loss of revenue and unhappy users. Our turn key services along with a single point of contact and responsibility makes maintaining your critical systems much easier and less costly. Our Team offers maintenance services most facility, building and remote systems including:

• DC Power Systems

• Flooded and Sealed Batteries

• Standby Generators

• UPS Systems