Carrier Class Power Solutions

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The commitment begins from the moment we engage in business with our clients, until we’ve completed each individual task the they require of us. At  Infinite Wireless, our staff ensue professional standards that reach high above our competitors.

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Solutions for The Bottom Line

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing there’s a company that understands the need to grow a business with efficiency, quality work, and a product that  meets every expectation of demand. That’s why, at Infinite Wireless, we reduce your risk by knowing how to fix a problem before it happens.

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Trust You Can Depend On

Yes, a promise is always a sign of good things to come, and a hand shake seals the deal. That’s why we’re motivated to give you both. We work hard to get your business. Business is good!

 – Install DC power equipment in inside plan telecom facilities and cellar telecom facilities.
– Install and tested GPS, Vortex, Exide, C&D, Peco, Inverters, Converter, – Rectifiers, BDFBs, and GPDFs.
– Install VRLA and Wet Cell Battery Plants, UPS Systems and AC distribution.
– Install cables on ladder racks and erected entire overhead racking architecture.
– Conduct PM maintenance on telecom critical power and equipment